Clube Hipico do Bie

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a horseback riding in the stunning

Ria Formosa Natural Park

Clube hípico do bié

About Us


The Bié equestrian center was founded by Jorge Cristão in 1986 in Montenegro and after three years he moved to Gambelas, where he is currently located.

Bié is a province of Angola, where the founder spent much of his childhood and gained a taste for horses and horse riding, so he named our equestrian center.

The beginning was with just 5 horses and, currently, there are already more than 30. The equestrian center is located within the Ria Formosa Natural Park, and thanks to this it gives customers the advantage of being able to enjoy a horse ride with fascinating views and unforgettable.


Our success is the result of the work of a dynamic and cooperative team, formed by experienced guides and horses trained for their purposes.

In this way, we guarantee safety and well-being, enabling the participation of both children and adults, even if they have no prior knowledge. We are open 365 days a year with the aim of making this incredible experience known, especially those who have never had it.


Our association aims to bring equestrian sport and interaction with these noble animals to everyone. Always trying to practice affordable prices. Make our riders evolve in sport, have fun and above all love and respect for horses.

We strive every day to maintain what makes Bié the difference. Our team, unity, companionship, friendship, respect and team spirit among all riders, staff, friends, family, and never forgetting our best friends, the horses.

The best we have is our team and everything that unites us, the green jersey will be forever marked in our lives as the fantastic family that we create. We also intend to contribute to Algarve tourism, namely in the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

Our tours give customers an incredible experience
on horseback with unique landscapes. 

We provide unforgettable memories
regardless of age or experience.

Our Custumers

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The family experience with my grandparents and my 4 year old son was fantastic !!! Everything went very well. Recommended even with children !!
Nuno Gonçalves
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Unique family experience. We recommend it to everyone.
David Mendes
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My first experience with horses and without a doubt to repeat. Walk along nature trails, fantastic. Thank you very much Clube Hipico do Bié.
Ana Sofia Lança
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Equestrian center very well located and in very good condition. I can only thank the wonderful team for the experience they provided me from the beginning. I did my Baptism on horseback and I loved it. From the mare's preparation, the incredible ride and finally the bath. It was a unique experience and I will certainly repeat it. They are all very friendly and see if they love what they do. My thanks.
Teresa Ferreira
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For the first time I ride a horse. I felt very safe! It was a beautiful walk to the salt flats of ludo. Thank you so much for the experience!

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Mariana Santos

Mariana started her journey at the age of 3 at Clube Hípido do Bié.

We look forward to your visit!